5 Biggest Pop-Up Retail and Event Marketing Trends in 2019

From innovative services to partnership formats, our team has set the qualities that are stepping up the game this year.


Retail spaces become media spaces and they are data-driven

Stores are not only a point-of-sale but also points of experience becoming marketing campaigns of their own. This aspect makes them both functional and emotional points, with a gap no longer existent between the online and offline experience.

Since they are a rather holistic centre of the brand’s identity, they are too data-driven. This means that they a resourceful case study for the brand where the information collected can determine things such as product best-sellers and store functionality.


Experiences instead of pure selling products

Complementing the first trend, creating events with the main initiative for experiences to be lived have become the best way to attract customers for all kinds of industries. Going to a place where you can not only buy products but also live the unique world of the brand in an exclusive and interactive way makes it worth the time.

The experiences deliver give such a visual and entertaining impact, visitors share these on social media, attracting more people to come! In fact, a study has shown that 75% of consumers say that friends’ posts about brand experiences make them probable for them to buy their products, as they are drawn for recommendations.

Two themes that top experiences deliverers this year are: tickets and sustainability.

Tickets give educational but enjoyable brand-centred experiences for customers, while the company has control of the amount that will attend, and a better estimate of the final revenue. These can be concerts, workshops, and live chats.

Sustainability, on the other note, is also thriving and still will be as consumers are shifting to more conscious choices. According to a report by the Retail Industry Association 93% of global customers expert brands to support social and environmental issues. If the experience delivers has this as one of it’s core values, it is sure to contribute to a great final outcome.



Pop-Up Stores and Brand Events

The short-term stores are a live marketing strategy that it is still expected to thrive as reinvents the retail industry’s traditional values, reconnecting brands and customers in an exclusive and exceptional way. The temporary format allows brands to explore new brands, and/or creating one-of-a-kind formats where a variety of customer engagement events can take place. To summarize its many benefits, pop-up stores are the spots where all the retail and event marketing trends can take place, while is a fantastic selling idea of its own.


Customer Service Design

This trend is one to stay, as its benefits show incredible productivity results both in the internal and external functions of stores. The recent innovations include contactless shopping, which allows customers to buy items at the moment and not wait in line. Another one to highlight is Iot Connected Beacons that sends customers in the store’s promotions on products in their vicinity through physical retail locations. Both of these help customer satisfaction and staff efficiency.


Mixed Concepts

Concepts such as marketplaces and multi-brand stores are a win-win situation for brands that share similar atmospheres. They complete each other by creating an environment that gives out the essence of their target client’s lifestyle. The evident truth is; mixed concepts are everywhere now, as they can be more rentable, and at the same time give out more visibility.

Ready to make your very own pop-up event? Our team is on board with all the trends covered and many others that can truly make any concept be in the path to success.




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