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Pop-ups are literally popping up around the world. It is difficult to keep up, so we want to create an overview with different concepts and sectors to be inspired and see that it is possible to launch a pop-up about anything! Here an overview of the 5 top pop-ups from last week, featuring New York, Tokyo, Miami, London, and Atlanta.


1// Vinyls and Design


Are you going to be in New Yorker? Through March 1, MoMA Design Store will have a special pop-up concept in collaboration with Williamsburg’s Earwax Records called The Record Shop. If you are passionate about music and design, this is the place to be. In one space it will be possible to reflect on the 20th-century pop-up culture!


2// Travel and beauty

Why these 2 industries go so much along? Both have a luxurious and glamorous fair, thus it is not a surprise to find a pop-up store from Yves Saint Laurent in the airport of Tokyo (Japan). The pop-up, an aircraft,  will run until the 30th of January. If you are flying to Tokyo, be dure to check in for a 3 minutes one-to-one makeup consultation!


3// CBD

CBD is a booming industry as well as a grey area with local laws and regulation not on the same page. As a result, there are some crapy products being sold out there. Charlotte’s Web is hosting a pop-up where you can exchange a low-quality CDB with one of their brand that is certified and contains the right amount of CDB to feel some effects.


4// Food and Mental Health

Our society is trying to cope better with mental related issues. We discussed this when powered a pop-up which aim was to recruit personnel to work in the field of mental health while destigmatizing the taboos around it. So, I was not surprised when I read about The Good Plates restaurant and the pop-up they will open in Shoreditch (London) at the end of January.  The pop-up will have an open plan area to help people to connect. They will serve food that helps to boost wellbeing;  a recent study found that one in two Londoners only sees sunlight for 30 minutes per day in the winter.


5// Beauty

Are you going to be in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and you love beauty? Cult-favorite beauty and skincare label Glossier has just revealed it will be opening its next pop-up location in this city! Details surrounding the new locations are yet unknown, but Glossier took to Instagram to reveal that the pop-up will be opening in February. It will be open for a limited time only so stay tuned to know more!


We hope you like this new post, about 5 Top pop-ups from last week around the world. And that they inspire you for the concept of your next pop-up.


Photo: Courtesy by MoMA
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