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January 2020

Booking's Pop-Up Theme Hotels is the last attempt of the international company to remain the leader of the competitive travel industry. The travel industry is today one of the economy's leading sectors worldwide. Indeed, according to The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), this sector supports 1 in 5 jobs around the globe, generating 10% of the global GDP. The traveling scenario has changed over the last 20 years, thanks to more competitors, start-ups, and the internet. The result is that nowadays you don't need to be rich to travel. Travelers' profiles have also changed. It includes solo travelers women, families living

7 Tips from a Visual Merchandiser,  Ilaria Gasparo works as a VM for Bershka, and has a lot to share! Giulia: Can you explain to me what exactly your job consists of? Ilaria: I’m a Visual Merchandiser. Therefore, I am in charge of everything related to the image of the store. From shop windows, mannequins, lights, internal layout, to marketing material and props and so on. I will explain to you in general what is going on in the retail field. I will also provide you with 7 tips from a visual merchandising, which is a role that can vary from company

Kapten & Son pop-up in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) ended its experience on Wednesday the 15th of January, after 2 months. This is our last Success Story. We sat down with the Kapten & Son team to learn about this experience, as this was their first international pop-up store. The brand’s goal was to raise both local and international brand awareness. Moreover, Kapten & Son's desire was to offer an additional touchpoint to the customer, who can discover the brand's entire world in one location and learn more about all products.  The decision of opening a pop-up shows the twofold purpose. Following the

Pop-ups are literally popping up around the world. It is difficult to keep up, so we want to create an overview with different concepts and sectors to be inspired and see that it is possible to launch a pop-up about anything! Here an overview of the 5 top pop-ups from last week, featuring New York, Tokyo, Miami, London, and Atlanta.   1// Vinyls and Design   Are you going to be in New Yorker? Through March 1, MoMA Design Store will have a special pop-up concept in collaboration with Williamsburg's Earwax Records called The Record Shop. If you are passionate about music and design, this

What can we expect to see along with this 2020 and in the next decade? These are three trends here to stay. Trends don’t happen from one day to the other; on the contrary, they are the sum of the connections of little dots that occur across industries due to political, social, economic, technological, and cultural changes that affect our society.  The latter process happens in all sectors, and retail is not isolated. Through our pop-up events, I have the privilege to observe these trends in the making and how different brands and retails interpret those same trends.  How is a trend

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