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Booking’s Pop-Up Theme Hotels is the last attempt of the international company to remain the leader of the competitive travel industry.

The travel industry is today one of the economy’s leading sectors worldwide. Indeed, according to The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), this sector supports 1 in 5 jobs around the globe, generating 10% of the global GDP.

The traveling scenario has changed over the last 20 years, thanks to more competitors, start-ups, and the internet. The result is that nowadays you don’t need to be rich to travel. Travelers’ profiles have also changed. It includes solo travelers women, families living a tiny mobile home, or digital nomads, whose home is the entire world.
As profiles have changed, so expectations have evolved. Traveling for the sake of traveling is no longer so satisfying. First of all, we have the world at our fingertips. Through movies and the internet, we have seen it all. Today travelers seek for experiences, for a connection with local traditions or a connection with something they care for. is a leading company when it comes to traveling. They are aware of the needs of the contemporary traveler. So they launched 20 pop-ups hotel around the theme of New Year’s resolutions, such as “Learning to cook.”. The idea is to encourage consumers to take a trip. Booking has created pop-ups to help them reach their goal: “There is a booking for every New Year’s resolution.
The idea comes after the market research firm Lucid found out that 72% of people are interested in traveling to help achieve their New Years’ resolutions.

Booking's Pop-Up Hotel | Go– PopUp


The concept of the pop-ups developed around 20 universally relatable resolutions. These ideas became a reality in one-to-two bedroom apartments, fully equipped.

The themes are very diverse, and these are some examples:


Booking's Pop-Up Hotel | Go– PopUp

  • Spending Qualitative Time With My Pet: includes sofas and beds for animals, grooming sessions, and meeting a pet whisperer!



Booking's Pop-Up Hotel | Go– PopUp

  • To Read More: a peaceful space to read, a private tour of city libraries, and meet-and-greet an author!


Booking's Pop-Up Hotel | Go– PopUp

  • Learn to Dance: with an area with a dancing floor and floor-to-ceiling mirrors!


Other spaces focus on: “Meeting New People,” “Becoming Better Event Host,” “Volunteering,” and “Rekindling Romance With A Partner.”

Experiential marketing efforts are essential in currents markets, as customers’ expectations are very demanding, and they want to be continuously surprised and entertained.

Themes hotel is a trend that will continue to grow along 2020, and pop-ups are the right solution for this market’s needs. Why? With a pop-up, you can adapt quickly to the concept and the specific market/public needs. They are temporary, thus attract attention and quickly become a trendy topic on Social Media.

Booking’s Pop-up Theme Hotels is just the last extraordinary example of how a pop-up can suit any concept.


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