Go–PopUp and merge to grow global

To spread brand awareness all over the world. To launch new products in global markets. To reach new audiences. To explore new markets. That’s what pop-ups are all about.

Until 1997, no one had heard of a pop-up retail, but during the last five years it has been growing and developing further in every country in the world, contributing to over £2.3 billion to the UK economy only.  Did you know by the end of 2025, 1 out of 3 shops will be a pop-up store? With the retail landscape evolving and the pop-up world arising, there is an increasing demand for flexible space to launch great pop-up ideas around the world.


In this scenario, and Go—PopUp saw the need of making the first step to consolidate the market, joining forces to empower ideas to become great. PopPlaces, the number-one marketplace to rent short-term spaces in Spain and Go—PopUp, the leading European brand in pop-up retail, merge to become the leading worldwide marketplace to rent short-term spaces and make pop-up retail accessible to anyone.


With more than 5.000 locations across Europe, USA and Asia, Go—PopUp now has a wider range of spaces and markets for consumers to fulfil their international expansion goals. With a stronger brand and the best technology in the market, Go—PopUp is now looking forward to delivering its brand promise: to empower brands, agencies, and creatives to find perfectly matching spaces to launch pop-up stores everywhere in the world.


Meet our wonderful team


With the power of the joint forces of two European leaders, we are stronger than ever. We have chosen the best of both worlds to create a unique platform with upgraded functionalities that will now help you, as a landlord or as a client, to manage or rent spaces in a simple and secure environment.

Spread the buzz! And of course, take a tour on our renewed website and check out our new brand.

Thank you for being part of the pop-up revolution.

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