Go–PopUp lands in Berlin, Paris, Milan and Hong Kong

Go-PopUp opens the doors to the international landscape. After months of work, the effort dedicated to unify and collaborate between European and global companies to create the first global commercial alliance of the pop-up retail sector becomes real. It is the first global network of pop-up stores, and the best marketplaces are joining it. The business alliance is made up of young and promising startups from Europe and Asia.

Internationalisation is part of Go-PopUp DNA. From the first day of its creation, it has been considered as a key factor of evolution for the brand. Globalisation will still continue to be a focus in the next following years.


The commercial alliance arises with a clear and powerful vision 

To promote and revolutionise the retail sector by helping creators of the world to go global and test new markets at an international level, that is the unique mission of the alliance.

Go-PopUp is the first player to promote the alliance, with which it intends to create a network of temporary stores all over the world. It will be the largest network of retail creators, along with the best players and marketplaces to collaborate and help achieve this mission; a global mission in which all the companies involved believe that the internationalisation of the pop-up world is possible.

This commercial alliance unites in one front the know-how of all its players. From the communication strategy to monthly reports and consensus in decision making, through these joint actions, it is possible to host the maximum number of spaces to help the world’s brands and creators to be able to showcase their products in another country without having to go through hell to achieve it.


How are the first players?

At this first stage of the commercial alliance, these are the companies that have joined in:

  • Go—Pop Up, we merged with, Go–PopUp is now the leader of pop-up spaces in the Spanish and German market.
  • My Pop Corner, born in Lille; it currently covers the entire French territory with pop-up spaces.
  • Pop Scout, located in Hong Kong; it is the first entrance door to the Asian market.
  • What a space, holds spaces from north to south of Italy, with a special focus on Milan fashion city.

Between all these players the alliance now has approximately 5,000 commercial spaces between Europe and Asia. These are premises with different characteristics: at street level, inside shopping centres or even part of shops or corners, known as ‘Shop in Shop’. All ready to organise a Pop-up store and launch a product at an international spectrum.


Why is the commercial alliance born?  

For many young designers and small emerging brands, it is difficult to gain access to other markets with their products to sell them internationally. Through the commercial alliance that Go–PopUp is creating, we help those brands to avoid the high cost and difficulties of starting from scratch.

Joining forces among all favours the possibility of sharing and creating joint actions between platforms that make them bigger, stronger, and more efficient. The direct impact it has in the cities is immediate since each player has a strong knowledge of their base country or city and shares insights to work collaboratively with the network to serve better the brands.

Pop-up sector impact

Consumers find real value in stores as a result of their shopping experience, since it is very different from the one of a traditional store. The ephemeral factor of the store and showcasing the brand in a space and format that enhances its identity, helps the consumer to remember it; especially, because they feel the added value of being an ‘exclusive buyer’.

In the UK alone, the current market of Pop-ups generates 9,400 business opportunities, creates 24,300 jobs, and represents a turnover of 2.7 trillion euros. According to the evolution of the Pop-Up world, it is estimated that by the end of 2025, 1 out of 3 stores will be pop-up stores. The ‘Pay for a fixed space’ model is old-school now and to ‘Pay for sales’ is the new motto. The commercial alliance acts in favour of this trend and meets the needs of an increasingly global market.

From Germany to Hong Kong, where are you landing first?

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