Go—PopUp’s New Layout Puts Exclusive Features Upfront


Go—PopUp’s new web layout puts all three exclusive features upfront, creating an easier way to finding the perfect venue for any kind of pop-up event. The previous search layout centred the idea of self-service, whereas now, users can explore better the other options that have always been active.



The Self Service is a reliable source where anyone with a pop-up idea in mind can easily search from a variety of spaces across the globe. The shops, corners, showrooms, restaurants, studios, and even villas, it is set to be an accessible and direct way to finding the right spot.



The option of the Personalized Service is a key and unique feature of the company. Customers obtain assistance from a concierge that will prepare a custom solution for the event they are trying to plan. Our team of experts will not only try to find the best space for an upcoming pop-up event but will also work with other partners for other services needed such as catering, lighting system, etc. Lets also put into account that while working with a concierge, the user has access additionally to all spots that may not be featured in the self-service option, due to landlord’s requests.



While using the Premium Solutions, the user is set to a variety of pop-up options that are sure to create an impact, complementing the event’s vision previously set. The places featured in this option are unique venues, malls, containers and stand that, with the help of our team, are transformed to anyone’s needs. There are formats that make pop-up events standout in a big striking way.



The new format puts our three service options into a big picture. Services that help make any pop-up idea possible, whether it is in a showroom, an elaborate location, or a shopping mall. Any creative vision is possible when the location found is the one that was previously envisioned.

So, when you think of making a pop-up event, think of Go—PopUp, and let us complete our mission statement:

“Empower brands, agencies, and creatives to find perfectly matching spaces and to launch pop-up stores everywhere in the world.”




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