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April 2018

  Go—PopUp has found the perfect strategic spot in Barcelona, for Dr. Scholl's new pop-up store. The place is suited to the requirements and strategy of the company, whose interest in this particular occasion is to feature their latest Spring and Summer collection.     Dr. Scholl's is known for being one of the most well-known brands, in terms of comfortable footwear for over a century. In the roaring twenties, it became the first shoe brand to create a collection mainly to take care of the anatomy of the foot. Over the years it has maintained its identity as the go-to brand for anyone

  Go—PopUp's new web layout puts all three exclusive features upfront, creating an easier way to finding the perfect venue for any kind of pop-up event. The previous search layout centred the idea of self-service, whereas now, users can explore better the other options that have always been active.     The Self Service is a reliable source where anyone with a pop-up idea in mind can easily search from a variety of spaces across the globe. The shops, corners, showrooms, restaurants, studios, and even villas, it is set to be an accessible and direct way to finding the right spot.     The option of the Personalized

  Tomas Maier has opened his first pop-up store in L.A. to showcase a selection of men's and women's ready-to-wear pieces, accessories, and swimwear. The 3,300 square foot location has been transformed into a 1960's futuristic dream inspired by Ed Ruscha's iconic images of the Sunset Strip. The idea of creating a pop-up and making it happen in Los Angeles has to do with a variety of different reasons. First, and most importantly, the designer mentioned that "pop-ups have become part of the retail landscape and a good way to test a market." Bringing the event to this city, in particular, was due

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