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Pop-up as strategy – Why the flexible short-term use makes pop-up stores a long lasting lucrative option for landlords.

The traditional way of long-term leasing for commercial properties makes sense, no question. Fixed-term rental periods e.g. between five and ten years may woo you with planning security and regular profits. So what will a flexible short-term tenancy of commercial properties – ranging from a few days up to six months – provide from the landlord’s perspective?

Pop-up stores have stand the test of time as a new and innovative sales instrument. The flexible interim- und short term use of retail premises is an appealing and increasingly sought-after option to make wise and profitable use of temporarily vacant retail spaces. Abandoned salesrooms don’t make for a good impression. Possible new long term leasers will be rather impressed, when the store is enlivened in between two long-ranging tenancies. Entertaining retail areas with pop-up stores basically works like home staging: A visibly well-stocked inventory is considerably more luring than an empty one and additionally helps the future tenants to imagine their own shop in this estate.

The wow effect
Especially the pop-up business with its surprising and unconventional sales concept has several wow effects to offer. Amongst those pop-up businesses you won’t only find the stereotype of young ventures without retail experience, but rather established brands like Jaguar for example, who are looking for contemporary strategies to launch their products and services. Therefore renting out your space to pop-up contractors can brush up your showrooms, for instance if a famous brand attracts a lot of attention – to itself and therefore to the shop aswell – to raise its popularity.

Temporary pop-ups as sustainable strategy
Apart from the obvious advantage that receiving rent for an intermediate use is better than getting none, temporary leasing out will financially be worth your while: Calculating and customizing leasing prices seasonally, e.g. during a trade fair event or a fashion week, your revenue can be maximized. Thanks to their high fluctuation, pop-up stores make for a higher conspicuousness regarding the commercial space and occasionally reduce maintenance costs. If nothing else, it makes vandalism less likely, which usually strikes vacant spaces.

Why not renting out short term in the long run? The flexibility of short term rental even allows more long term stability for you as  a landlord: An ongoing observation and recognition of the latest trends will boost your chances to adapt to and benefit from change at all times. Who owns the clear advantage now?!

Complementary listing with Go—PopUp
If you are convinced by now, so you would like to offer a realty or parts of a store area, or even just a shelf within an already existing shop as a short-term lease for a pop-up space, you can put it on display in our Go—PopUp online marketplace. Listing is totally free of charge. Only when your space is rented due to our services, a small fee is charged. Feel free to snoop our success stories, where you will also hit upon firsthand reports by our landlords.

Make your guests feel comfortable
To encourage curiosity and interest with your tenants, your space should come with a few certain attributes. Premises on the ground floor are particularly tempting with a wide glass facade. Of course, the actual place of location is a crucial part of the deal, though it doesn’t necessarily need to be situated in a prime location. All those laid-back side streets in a trendy neighborhood or even inside an industrial park can be perfect for certain ventures, whereas another tenant might be looking for walk-in customers in particular. The more unhurried and cozy you can make your guests feel, the greater you will find your chance to attract leaseholders right away. Are electricity, hot water and operating sanitary facilities already available? What about the fixtures? Can you provide Wi-Fi? Maybe even a housekeeper?

You are the boss
Go—PopUp  makes temporary leasing pretty easy. We make our infrastructure available to you, insure your commercial space but still leave all the decisions and supervision with you. If you let us know a few things about yourself and your space filling in our short questionnaire, our service team will contact you right away to arrange the proceedings. As soon as you provide us with some more details and pleasant pictures of your space, subsequently we can create your bilingual profile and adjust your individual revisions at any time. You will always be in control of the rental price. We will relieve you of all communication with the potential tenants and establish contact not before real interest is indicated. Needless to say, you can always decline customer inquiries and will always have the final say about who is going to rent out your space. Our huge network of creative people, enterprises, brands and event promoters will definitely entail some proper tenants. We’ll keep you effort to the minimum. If the booking goes through our marketplace, the commercial space is insured against damages caused by the tenants, their employees or customers. Therefore you’ll be on the safe side up to 10 million Euro as an extent of cover.

Become a host of pop-up ideas and submit your commercial space. All upcoming questions will happily be answered by our service team at any time.

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