How-to hire the right staff for your Pop-Up Store

Pop-up stores come in all shapes and sizes, so what kind of people are needed to hire for your pop-up concept? You’ll get into the challenge on planning and finding the right people for your pop-store concept to make it successful. But don’t worry too much, our pop-up retail experts have prepared some valuable insights and guidance to help you choose the right ones.


Where to start?

You have the perfect pop-up shop for your idea, products and activities are set, now all that is left is to present it. If your merchandise is of true value, but it is not brought out the proper way, it can give drawbacks to your business. In this case, the right staff works as a power team. During the time period of your pop-up store, it can not only increase sales but, once the event is finished, it can deliver a rich case study for your company to take. And as with everything, it takes some planning on what right staff to hire for your concept.


What is a good person in your store?

The ideal candidate for your pop-up store is with no doubt someone that can excel at selling the product you are displaying. The temporary format is a live marketing strategy that will change your business, far utmost for the better if you have a team of individuals that can explain the goods, and in general, the unique experience you are delivering. They need to be ready to answer all kinds of questions, such as stock availability and other places that your brand can be found. Keep in mind, the people working for you are the first customer touchpoints, responsible on delivering the ingredients your brand set to increase engagement, work as multipliers and of course – directly or later – buy your product.


Current team or hire staff?

If you already have an established brand with your own staff, you might be considering bringing some people in to be part of your pop-up concept. Not only having the experience and expertise, your own team are engaging ambassadors of your brand. Or perhaps you feel for various reasons, this can affect your overall business in terms of personal distribution and decide instead to hire temporary staff that will be trained to deliver towards your defined goals. Whether using in-house or external staff, keep in mind to set deliverables right and clear for the team as they are the faces and voices of your successful pop-up experience.



Training and resources are essential.

Whether is it old or new staff, training is crucial. Pop-up stores are live marketing and promotion actions that have different functions than your typical brick-and-mortar store. It is an insight into your brand and products in a short period of time, which is why it should excel in customer experience. In order to do this, you need to have the goal of the pop-up store defined. Is it to explore a new market? Get reviews of a new product? Or simply to sell your latest collection? Once you have this set, as well as all the elements that will be part of this pop-up store, you are ready to train your staff.

Some elements to have part in your training session are:


  • Your Brand Storytelling

Telling your brand story to your team will help them empathise on the whole project. Let them know how, why and when it all started, as well as what it has come to be.


  • The Pop-up Store Concept

How is the project going to be delivered? What is its purpose? Understanding your pop-up vision will give your staff more confidence as representatives of this project.


  • Goals and Deliverables

What is your pop-up stores goals? Is it to try a new market? How should your products be displayed? Be clear about your objectives with your staff, since these will guide and motivate the tasks done during the event. Define goals and commit on how to measure them.


  • Detail Product information

This should be an insight to the products story, materials, unique qualities, and the experiences that can deliver  the costumer. Your team should become experts at everything you intend to sell.


  • Customer Experience Concept

What do you want your clients to feel when they are in the store? How do you want them to remember the experience? It is important that your team members are not only seen as salespersons, but also people that want to genuinely help you in a way a friend would. If so, customers will leave with a sense of supportive and sincere community by your business, that will eventually make them want to come back.


  • Customer Service and Q&As

Team members should be enthusiastic as well as professional, ready to answer any kind of question, such as regarding stock, and brand identity.


  • Staff Expectations

Clear guidelines on calling in sick, or calling out late, as well as how to keep the pop-up store clean, should be unmissed as it will patently affect your relationship with your staff.



Customer Service is key, which is succeeded by clearly understanding the overall situation. During the training, the group should feel confident not only on the event they are about to be part of but also on how to manage inconvenient situations with customers, if they do happen. With the proper training, pop-stores can become an incredible experience for every one part of.


Why you should always recap with the team.

Along with having all the information, staff should also collect feedback from customers.


  • Did you find everything you need?
  • How was your experience?
  • What did you like the most?
  • What can we improve?
  • Will you use our services or products?


At the end of each day is important for this data to be collected and stored, with more detail possible in order to have a rich case study that can help improve the following days and excel at your next pop-up event. Out of a complete final customer report of your pop-up event, you should get a greater understanding of your target client, location, activities offered, customer service and overall product experience.


Looking for the right people?

At Go—PopUp we can help you find the right staff fitted for your pop-up event. Our team of experts will advise you on every step of the way, supporting the execution of your project with the right people, processes and tools.



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