How-To Guide: Measure the success of your Pop-Up Store

There are many ways to determine the success or failure of a pop-up store. Of course, many times the main motivation is to sell, sell, sell. But besides revenue, in Go—PopUp we want to show you that you always win with a pop-up. We will show you 4 metrics to consider that may be even more valuable for your brand than the income from the store.


1. Acquisition/ Interaction

A fundamental objective of the event: get the leads. Yes, sure, people are tired of giving their emails everytime they go into a store, but it is a must that we get this information. Do not hesitate to engage visitors at your pop-up store. Talk with them, communication is really important to get key insights from your consumers. Offer unique services like advisory and styling, didactic workshops, contests, games (how to get a make-up test, for example) … Or better yet, explain the concept of your store. Tell them where you are from, how everything started and engage them in a conversation. Talk about your products, your brand and give them something to try out. By establishing a close relationship with the prospect, you can then ask them to fill their data in a list. I’m sure they would do it by themselves at this point.

2. Attendance and frequency of the visitors

While your pop-up store lasts, make a comparison between the people who signed up to visit the event, with the ones who actually attended. You’ll probably be surprised. There would probably be more than you expected because of the rule of 3 L’s: location, location, and location. If your pop-up is well located and visible, the number of visits will increase. Visits, like the online metric, are not measured by unique visitors but consider also the ones that come back. How many times have you discovered a place that you have loved and the next day you were happy to return with a friend? At Go—PopUp we have even experienced the case of Ibiza, which, after three months of pop-up on the Island, when the season was over, customers would pass by the store to say goodbye. It was priceless!

El ganso pop-up store

3. Social media all the way!

Monitor and measure the impact of your pop-up store in social media: before, during and after the set opening period. Use a #hashtag and check out mentions and keywords on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Do not hesitate on creating content. The more the better: textual, visual – and make it viral! Immediacy is the key, so keep your audience engaged by posting the ongoing activities.  People want to see everything that is happening in your space with your brand. If managed well, curiosity will drive them to the ephemeral store to watch it for themselves. Even better: get them to share your content. Don’t be alarmed if some reviews are not positive, they often help to enhance the experience next time.

4. Discount codes

Another metric that works to measure the interest for your brand is to track discount codes and promotions. M&M’s launched an action to capture traffic to its pop-up shop in New York by distributing coupons in the street. The coupons were given to all the people who became fans of the brand in Instagram. Through the code, the marketing team was able to measure the number of visitors who redeemed the coupon in the store.

There are actually many more pointers to measure the impact and success of your pop-up. One of the key factors to attract traffic to your ephemeral store is the location. If you are looking for the best place to settle your pop-up, Go—PopUp has more than 2,000 to choose from.

Good luck with your pop-up store! And of course, send us an invite so we don’t lose detail.



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