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December 2015

by Katja Feldmeier Remember that small boutique store near Camden Market that you discovered on your trip to London? Maybe you wish you could take the next plane to Copenhagen, just to get another box of those sweet and chewy fleur de sel caramels from an artisanal sweets shop in a side alley. What if we told you that soon those things will be easier than ever? Tim Lagerpusch and Christian Schwarzkopf, the founders of the startup SugarTrends, set out on a mission to create an online platform for small local shops and boutiques from all over the world, giving them

von Katja Feldmeier Ohne sie gäbe es keine Pop-Ups. Unsere Vermieter sind die Basis für die Verwirklichung jeder Idee. Einer, den wir für seine Offenheit, Flexibilität und enge Zusammenarbeit besonders in unser Pop-Up Herz geschlossen haben, ist Ingo aus der Torstraße 161. Wir stellen ihn als unseren Vermieter des Monats vor und fragen einmal genauer nach. Jetzt Ladenflächen entdecken   1. Dein Space, Torstraße 161, ist einer unserer Lieblinge. Was ist das besondere an dem Space? Was das besondere an dem Space ist, kann ich nicht sagen, da müsstet ihr die Mieter fragen. Für jeden wird es wahrscheinlich etwas anderes sein, entsprechend seiner Bedürfnisse und

»Invest, Be Consistent, Tell Your Story« Creating a strong brand identity from the get go doesn't only benefit the entrepreneur, but can equally help potential customers to understand and embrace a brand on the first encounter. The brand is, what sets you apart, what creates emotional ties and helps build recognition value for your product or service. The branding is the seed of a business's narrative and imagery. All other communication and marketing measures will build upon that foundation. The branding experts from the creative agency Battalion shared useful  insights on the three steps for getting started with branding. Discover Spaces 1) Invest in your branding Cutting corners

For Dani's last week in his pop-up shopon Brunnenstraße, we met him for an interview about his experience as a Horror Shop owner. Discover Spaces Dani, your shop is full of items with cute and creapy little monsters. Why monsters? What do you like about them? I love horror movies, I always have. I grew up watching Predator, Alien, and so many other big horror classics. And as I was getting older, I was digging more and more into this subculture, finding so many pearls. And nowadays this is a little bit forgotten, so the idea of this shop is to give a home to all

There are many ways to determine the success or failure of a pop-up store. Of course, many times the main motivation is to sell, sell, sell. But besides revenue, in Go—PopUp we want to show you that you always win with a pop-up. We will show you 4 metrics to consider that may be even more valuable for your brand than the income from the store.   1. Acquisition/ Interaction A fundamental objective of the event: get the leads. Yes, sure, people are tired of giving their emails everytime they go into a store, but it is a must that we get this information. Do not hesitate to

It’s the last destination of visitBerlin’s tour through Europe and the count down to Christmas in Paris. The city just looks magical in December. A lot of streets like Avenue Des Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne, or Place Vendôme are Christmassy illuminated, spreading a very romantic and cozy charm. Discover Spaces © visitBerlin, Foto: Michel Blossier So much to offer The metropolis at Seine river is one of the world's most beautiful cities! Have you ever been to Notre Dame? It cuts a dominating figure on the Île de la Cité in the middle of the Seine. The spindly gothic buttresses and magnificent stained glass windows make

How we successfully managed to work together with a small city in the Netherlands (Roosendaal) and the real estate owner creating pop-up spaces in only 6 weeks. Discover Spaces Open the doors for young entrepreneurs who want to start a pop-up shop (or-restaurant). This was the message at the end of September this year during a meeting of entrepreneurial incubators of West-Brabant. Go—PopUp was asked to give advise about how to manage temporary rental spaces in Roosendaal.     A Cooperation with Syntrus Achmea »Only by investing in temporary stores with low rental vacancy rates and a limited leasing period will give young entrepeneurs opportunities to start their

by Katja Feldmeier Christmas. There. We said it. Don't panic, though. No, really. Let's keep it together this year. There is a way out. Let's put this in perspective. Let's make the best of it. We will help you. Promise. Just don't go to the high streets. On the weekend. Do. Not. Do. It. Make the gift search a gift to yourself. Go to nice places. With beautiful things. And lovely people. Who made the things. Really. Trust us. It's the only way. Now. Off you go. No wait! Don't go just yet. Read our 5 recommendations first. Then go. See ya.   One. Temporary Shop For Very Nice Things Small

Entweder man liebt sie oder man hasst sie, aber mal ehrlich: Hast du Austern jemals probiert? Dann hast du jetzt die Möglichkeit, dich in einer coolen Location bei Hip-Hop Beats und ausgewählten Weinen von Austern überzeugen zu lassen! Das Credo der OY Bar „Not so Fine-dining, Fine-dining“, gepaart mit Berlins sexy Flair und dem Luxusprodukt Oyster. Ein wirklich überzeugendes, cooles Konzept, das perfekt in unseren Space auf der Torstraße 161 passt. Aber nur für vier Wochen… Ist schließlich eine Pop-Up Bar. Weniger ist mehr. Deshalb passen auch nur ungefähr 25 Leute in die Bar gerade das macht es so einzigartig. OY

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