Holiday seasons and pop-ups

Looking at the future: the holiday season and pop-ups

As most of us start to enjoy “controlled” freedom again, we also enjoy the first signs of summer, so more than ever the Holiday season seems a mirage. But times flies and when looking at the future, Holiday season and pop-ups could be the perfect match to face the challenges retail is undergoing.

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Many brands have struggled over the last few months: shops have been closed, but rent had to be paid. Even now, with the process of returning to normality, many shops haven’t been able to open as following social distancing rules is just not sustainable.

The possible outcome is that cities will have more vacant premises across different neighbourhoods. It is a unique opportunity for brands that only work online, shops that want to try out another area of the city or try out a new concept. Or brands which lease was ended but they intended to keep their business open, just like what happened to luxury brand Sergio Rossi in Milan (Italy).

Of course, the future is unknown, and this feeling is more than ever-present today. But, we know consumers are willing to return to their lives and the Holiday seasons represent the most hectic shopping period of the year. Probably, this time around sharing “the most wonderful time of the year” with family and friends will have a sweeter and profound meaning, after being apart for some time.

Last but not least, the lockdown has pushed consumers to be more conscious about their choices. Localism is becoming a motto and a way to support the local economy, as we covered in a recent article. People will be looking for products and services based in their community or produced locally. If your brand has a local background and culturally connected with the neighbourhood, this is the moment to reach out.

So, take this opportunity and start planning now. You will increase the chances to find the best location that suits your concept and business needs.




Some of the benefits of launching a pop-up during the Holiday season are:

  • provide flexible retail space for independent or start-up business,
  • attract customers during a high selling period,
  • reinforce a sense of localism and community centred businesses,
  • occupy those empty premises and establish a scheme that also helps landlords.


If you wish to start looking at the future, holiday season and pop-ups: get in contact with us! We can support you in finding the best location around the world, across Europe and in the best shopping cities during Christmas time.

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