Pop-Up Stores Success Stories

Just a few days ago we celebrated our second-year anniversary. It’s been two great years helping brands to meet their objectives through a pop-up store. Since then, companies of all sizes and various sectors have relied on us to be their partners.


What’s exactly is the role of Go–PopUp? When does a brand plan to build a pop-up store? What reasons do they have? What goals do they pursue?

At Go–PopUp we have managed more than 700 spaces and helped hundreds of companies and young entrepreneurs to find the perfect temporary location for their brand. We have feedback from most of them and we can say that the satisfaction ratio is quite high. If a pop-up store has been organised with time and dedication, was well communicated, with realistic objectives and in a space with visibility and traffic- we specialise in that areas, the success is guaranteed. Not only for the sale but for the influx of attendees and increased visits on the web, which also serve to measure the success or failure of a pop-up store.


Here are some recent success stories of Go–PopUp:

Leroy Merlin

Objective: Promote their decoration business line.

Action: Pop-up store of decoration products and communication actions with bloggers.

Results: More than 250 people attended to the workshop and more than 1,000 people came to the pop-up store.



Objective: Repositioning the brand; reaching and connecting with a younger audience.

Action: Pop-up store in Madrid’s centre to sell Kelme sneakers during 3 days and communication action with bloggers.

Results: More than 250 units of sneakers were sold and internet stockout.


El Ganso

Objective: Stock clearance of last season’s products.

Action: It was the first Pop-up store of El Ganso at  Barcelona’s centre. Another one is coming soon! You’ll be the first to know.

Results: More than 700 visitors, an average ticket of 2 products per purchase and an 85% of last season’s stock was sold.


Happy Socks

Objective: Test a new market.

Action: Pop-up store at Born district, Barcelona, during Christmas campaign for two years in a row. There will be a third one!

Results: Market penetration and sales increase during the period of the Pop-up. The pop-up was a success and since then, Happy Socks has opened several physical stores in Barcelona.


Kenay Home

Objective: Test several markets.

Action: Pop-up tour around different cities in Spain.

Results: Since the success of November’s Pop-up in Barcelona, Kenay is opening a new store.



If you are thinking about establishing an ephemeral store, the first thing you have to ask yourself is “what for?”. Getting rid of overstock and showcasing a new product or service are the more common ones, but there are many other reasons for why to rent a space for a few days and open a pop-up store. Here are the main ones:


  • Test a new market, location or product.
  • Reach new clients.
  • Stock clearance.
  • Launch a new brand or line of products.
  • Take advantage of a specific date or season to increase sales in a strategic location. That is the case of the summer pop-ups of Estella McCartney in Ibiza.
  • Branding: to create a tailored experience to engage the consumer with the brand, such as Target did with the Wonderland Pop-up in Manhattan.
  • Increase visibility and communication opportunities: give consumers, bloggers, and reporters something interesting about your brand to talk about.
  • Find a nearby temporary location for your store why you are doing some reforms at the main store. This was the case of Chanel in Barcelona with the help of Majestic Hotel.
  • Create an innovative space or Hub to reach a specific target group. Find some inspiration reading about the Levi’s Commuter’s Workspace in EEUU.

We hope to have given you some awesome ideas for a pop-up store for your brand. Remember to think about your objectives first and then develop a strong concept that works out as a solution. Got the objectives but need help with an idea or concept for your brand? Don’t worry! We are here to help, just contact us. We look forward to meeting you!


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