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January 2016

by Katja Feldmeier In times of increased competition, particularly in large European capitals, bold and innovative retail concepts have become part of a good brand strategy. The Retail Academy advises large and small retail businesses. For Go—PopUp they briefly summed up, what the most common concepts are and how they can be distinguished at first sight. Discover Spaces The Flagship Store To be clear, flagship stores are not built to make money! They are almost never profitable. Flagships are rather a kind of brand wonderland. The presentation is key, the brand is literally being celebrated. Frequently, renowned architects are hired to create a »brand temple«

by Katja Feldmeier Berlin Fashion Week is probably the best time of year to get some bang for your buck when it comes to designer shopping. Many brands try to offer some exclusive deals and discounts by opening pop-up stores all over the city. But even if you haven't budgeted to buy this or that designers piece right now, a visit can still be worthwhile only to soak up some of that bubbly, trashy craziness of Berlin's fashion scene. Always lots of stylish and interesting people to meet. We put together five pop-ups worth checking out. Hush hush Go—mingle! Discover Spaces #1 Mode

by Katja Feldmeier 4 inspiring ideas for future retailers What will our future cities look like? How can we form them to be vibrant, interesting and sustainable? These questions led us through 2015, the research year for the future city. The dialogue between companies, scientists, artists and urban planners will continue in 2016. The HafenCity University Hamburg began a search for good retail concepts for future cities. Which kind of shops will last? Which kind will disappear? Discover Spaces Dennis Boehres (Go—PopUp), Prof. Ingrid Breckner (HCU Hamburg), André Wilkens (author of »Analog ist das neue Bio«) and Thomas Böhm (author and presenter) collectively contributed

Just a few days ago we celebrated our second-year anniversary. It's been two great years helping brands to meet their objectives through a pop-up store. Since then, companies of all sizes and various sectors have relied on us to be their partners.   What's exactly is the role of Go–PopUp? When does a brand plan to build a pop-up store? What reasons do they have? What goals do they pursue? At Go–PopUp we have managed more than 700 spaces and helped hundreds of companies and young entrepreneurs to find the perfect temporary location for their brand. We have feedback from most of them and we

by Katja Feldmeier Or shall we call it: 4 reasons to break your new year's resolution? We know, we know: 2016 will be different. But with all the delicious food options poppin' up, it's important to allow yourself a little cheat day here and there. Discover Spaces #1 BrotZeit W&W: January 17, 10 AM - 5 PM at Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstrasse 42/43, 10997 Berlin F*** all the delicate cuisine, the glutenfree and the five star, the seven course and the high class menus. We Germans probably know best: Sometimes all you need is a piece of good old bread with butter. So let's feast on bread on this bread-feast at Markthalle 9. Photo:

by Katja Feldmeier Pop-ups can be magical places. Where there was an empty room with bare walls and floors one day, there could emerge a whimsical dreamland  the next. And it does not take much. A few beautiful pieces of furniture, some good lighting, attention and love for detail, a convincing product and of course a little glitter always helps. So little can go a long way. Dimitra Zavakou is a master of the little things and in fact of the little people. With her littlepopup she is creating amazing fantasy spaces for children, holding crafty workshops and showcasing cool clothing and

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