How To Discover Pop-Ups

by Katja Feldmeier

It’s just one of those things. People tell you about this pop-up or that pop-up or yet another glamorous opening party with free drinks that you just happened to have missed…again. Truth is, those people are not part of some secret club for cool events (or maybe they are? Please, can we come?), they just learned their way around finding things out on time. And time is of the essence here. Particularly with something as ephemeral as a pop-up, sometimes just appearing for a single day, then shutting down again and moving to another street, another city, another country or a galaxy far far away. As a precaution to you missing out in the future, we’ve worked out 7 simple ways how you will never miss out on a pop-up again. You’re welcome!

Discover Spaces

#1 Walk the dogs

Or just walk, without the dogs. This one is as clear as Kloßbrühe as we Germans like to say. There simply is no better, healthier, more eco-friendly way to become an expert on your city than exploring it by foot. Focus on areas that are said to be up and coming or just areas that you find interesting. You might be the first one to spot someone renovating or decorating their new store. Oh, and if you do, keep us in the loop.

#2 Use modern technology

Free pop-up tracking technology can be downloaded here.

#3 Let social media work for you

It’s not considered stalking, if you check out your friend’s events on Facebook. At least we won’t think less of you. Regularly scroll the events feed for what’s coming up in the weeks or months ahead. Click the *interested* button, so you won’t forget about it, when the date arrives. Trust us, everybody does it.

#4 Shut up and read

…blogs. Some of the most up to date and selective blogs when it comes to pop-ups in Berlin are:

Stil in Berlin
Mit Vergnügen
Go—PopUp Magazin (oh, hello, you’re already here, well done.)

#5 Cherish the classics

Most cities have some established pop-up sweet spots by now. Places that have become famous for hosting a variety of pop-up events in the past. If you don’t fancy the online search, just make sure to pay these places a regular visit and chances are, you will stumble across one or the other new small brand or designer that you didn’t previously know about. Well known hot spots for pop-ups in Berlin include:

Bikini Berlin
Münzstraße and the area around U Weinmeisterstraße


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