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November 2015

by Katja Feldmeier What are we looking for when travelling? Maybe an exciting experience in pop-up hotels? Maybe we seek urban wilderness to immerse ourselves. Maybe we crave the peace of the countryside. For most of us, it has something to do with discovery and distance. There is that returning urge to discover a new place. To discover ourselves in being out there. And find the distance to our daily routines and a change from redundant impressions on our senses. This distance is not necessarily a question of mileage. We can easily be strangers in our own country and satisfy our longing

Jetzt Ladenflächen entdecken   Like Berlin, Amsterdam has been a magnet for liberal and eccentric types since the days of Vermeer and Rembrandt. This is why visitBerlin stops in Hollands capital for the fourth stop of #popintoberlin’s tour through Europe. Sure, Amsterdams is very famous for its tolerance of soft drugs and prostitution but the city's got so much more to offer! Lose yourself in a canal maze. Window-shop where live merchandise is lit with red neon,visit great art museums… and of course take your chances with the traffic on a bike. (Photo © visit Berlin, Arnold van West) © visitBerlin © visit Berlin, Photo: Arnold

A little reminder for all fashion addicts and designers out there: Fashion Week Berlin starts January 18th until 22nd 2016. You want to benefit from Berlin's vibe, the city has every half a year, created by so many creatives and brands visiting Germany’s capital to see the latest looks in fashion? Be a part of it with your own pop-up store during Premium Exhibitions, Panorama Berlin and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. We put together some interesting showrooms. One could be yours!  Pop-Up Space Salon am Moritzplatz This space is simply great. Where do we start? With the area: Moritzplatz. The cool kids hang out

Cities are organisms: mutating, shedding, growing, contracting, swallowing, proliferating. You need to be there, be in the present, able to touch the ever evolving architectural surface - the living and breathing skin clasping the façades.  While google maps is a terrific tool to navigate you to almost any location, the satellite snaps give a distorted picture of a cities' reality. Looking at them, one should simply be reminded what is shown: already shedded layers of skin, buildings deeply drowned in formaldehyde. Some snapshots to serve as a reminder of the ubiquitous change, to serve as a plea to wander the streets of reality. Storefront

On the surface Vienna is elegant, traditional and slow moving. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find it’s bohemian and trendy side in the creative hotspot of the 7th district. The Siebensternviertel is the centre of Vienna’s creative scene where independent boutiques have sprouted for several years now. Situated in the nucleus of Strudel and Sachertorte, the pop-up store won't leave you hungry for sweet delights: Scroll down to gain insight into Reto’s Candy Farm from Berlin Kreuzberg. ©visitBerlin ©visitBerlin ©visitBerlin Vienna and Food As already mentioned Vienna is famous for its food: Wiener Schnitzel, Wiener Melange and the worldwide famous Sachertorte. The cake consists of a dense

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