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November 2019

Instagram is a perfect tool to build your brand, and a pop-up store the physical scenario to meet the community built on the digital platform. This is how ten stores went from Instagram to a pop-up store. IG has 1 billion active users and around 500 million using it every day. The average IG user, probably a Gen-Z, spends an average of 53 minutes per day swiping through photos and Stories. It is only 5 minutes less than on Facebook. So, there is no doubt that as a brand, it is worth building up a community on Instagram.   IG POP-UP Last week, Instagram opened a

With creativity and imagination, even a circular economy pop-up can become a reality! Last summer Trashlab Miniwiz launched in Porto Cervo (Sardinia, Italy) a pop-up where the money was plastic. Trashlab-Miniwiz is a company that recycles and upcycles materials for all sorts of solutions. From architecture to consumer goods and furniture, with them, rubbish finds a second opportunity and a new life. This circular economy pop-up had a Trashespresso machine and a smart rubbish bin called Robin. Robin recognised and sorted out waste customers brought in, turning it into points. Through an app. customers used points to purchase the products sold in store.   What

Paris is one of the major European cities. It has a total of 2.1 million inhabitants (Jan. 2019) and an average of 40 million tourists per year. That is a significant potential group of customers, perfect to launch a pop-up! Each neighbourhood has a broad array of things to offer, so it might be challenging to choose, which is the best one for your next pop-up.  However, each of them has some peculiarity and can suit better your pop-up concept for style and public.   " Paris is always a good idea."                      

We are approaching the end of a decade, and everything from the '90s is becoming vintage. Earlier Millennials are looking the '90s with a sense of nostalgia. At the same time, GenZ is discovering the cult series from that same period. What is making these pop-ups so incredible? Fans will have the possibility to play their favourite characters, and of course, take some memorable pictures.  //3 Example of comedy pop-ups Seinfeld: the first comedy pop-up to offer an immersive experience. A live sit-com based on a fictionalized life of stand-up comedian Jarry Seinfeld. The pop-up launched to celebrate 30 years from the program's premiere: displaying

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