How-To Guide: The Perfect Location For Your Pop-Up Store

Ambience, interior layout, setting and condition – All you need to consider in order to find the perfect spot for your pop-up idea.

A great spot is the alpha and omega. Everything rises and falls on the right location. Even the most convincing concept won’t brew, if the spot is shady. To find the ideal place for your pop-up, it initially helps to define your goals. What’s your mission, why are you aiming to open a pop-up store in the first place? The more specific you can answer those questions, the more tangible you can search the right space for your showroom, your galery or event.

Consequently, criteria will arise and help to ease and narrow down the hunt for a rental unit. Do you require a certain amount of square meters? An additional outside area? A customer car park? Outlining a few of those must-haves establishes a clearer orientation, although you still remain flexible enough to find the most suitable estate for your pop-up store.


Of commuters and nighthawks
Think about place and position: Which city, which district and which street do you wish to place your pop-up in? Got a vision? Try your guess and take a stroll through the streets. Catch the vibe in your neighborhood-to-be. Get an impression about the upcoming footfall. Throughout the day potential visitors will alter: Early commuters take turns with midday shoppers, who will grow into drifters clocking off, waiting for the moonlight to swap them with nighthawks. In case you don’t know your way around the city yet, dare a look into travel guides or the local blogger scene, who might share some street-smartness about home-grown hotspots and trending neighborhoods with you.

A booth or small shop inside a mall, or a single store with downtown location will provide plenty of walk-in customers. Such areas might be pricy, yet the much sought-after presence is a given. Fellow retail dealers don’t just count for competition, but can be of good use to forge links and compare notes. Maybe their product environment matches your supply – or else your idea sticks out particularly strong? Or are you ogling with the exact opposite, favoring a given underground flair and a specific trend conscious audience? Surprise, you won’t find that in bigger shopping centers, but rather off the mainstream areas. Situated in a far-flung industrial park, with a spot-on concept (and a convenient transport connection), a store can come across exceptionally exclusive and remote in a positive way – given good PR, of course. Or totally offbeat: a cube near the main station? A sales floor inside a metro station? A retro-style caravan inside a park? In principle: The more unique your store will be and the stronger it is silhouetted against other business competition, the more attention it will generate – also and especially amongst current opinion leaders. Nevertheless, ambience, basic layout and settings must complement your product or service offers.


Own store or shop-in-shop?
How long do you wish to rent the pop-up space for? Shorter rental periods can be opposed to renovations, however they might dispense you of incidentals. Renting your store for three months, allows you to handle its configuration more freely. Have you decided yet if it needs to be a store of your own, or could you jump

in with the store-in-store idea? The benefits of choosing your own shop are obvious: You are the boss, you make the decisions. You won’t have to make compromises e.g. regarding interior design, store concept or opening hours. A vacant commercial property is usually ready for occupation and can be freely fashioned. In case you are looking forward to creating a whole self-made customer experience, running your own store offers you the best option.

The decision for managing your business as shop-in-shop venture also comes with advantages. Do you want to open your store as quick as possible? You may find a solution in a pre-equipped store. You might even find one, which supplements your scope of supply and services and create a win-win situation for both businesses. You may not necessarily have influence enough to participate in design and décor decisions, but you can access their ongoing customers and will benefit from considerably low-cost lease and operating charges.

Speaking of costs: Every budget appoints decisively the kind of centricity your store will be realised in. Finding the perfect pop-up location can eventually be time-consuming and nerve-wracking. To avoid a never-ending process and to allow you to concentrate on the actual implementation, our Go—PopUp service team will sustain your search. Simply get in touch, we enjoy resolving your questions!


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