How to launch a pop-up restaurant

Food and beverage are one of the sectors that walloped during the quarantine, and the challenges are ongoing. In this context, restaurants, just like every other sector, are facing a transformation, and it is crucial to adapt to it. 

A possibility to overcome these difficult times is to opt for a more flexible solution, just like vegan chef Gaz Oakley is planning to do with his worldwide tour of pop-up restaurants.  


Chef Gaz Oakley announced a Vegan restaurant pop-up tour.


We want to share with you how to launch a pop-up restaurant to entice your customers.


The benefits of launching a pop-up restaurant are several; and if your business is a ghost kitchen, a pop-up will be the way to reach out and physically get in contact with your customers. Moreover, the initial investment is lower if compared to a classic establishment, with the added value that being a temporary venue attracts curious customers. 



Location for your pop-up restaurant is crucial, and it must match the theme you want to pursue. It can be a storefront space adapted to this type of event or a rooftop, a warehouse or even a wheatfield

Another exciting solution is to pick a location inside an existing store, such a concept store or multiple stores. If your values and the public you want to reach, matches the customers of the exhibiting store, success is almost guaranteed. Fear not we can help you in this step! (but also in those to follow!).



Food venues need specific permits; in this case, temporary permits as the pop-up will only be there for a particular amount of time. Applying before hands will also give you an idea about the steps you will have to take if you would like to transform any temporary venue in a permanent one. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out for regulations concerning COVID-19 protocols. 


//Appliances and tech

Depending on the space resources, you might need to get some appliances and devices to complete your kitchen. You could set up a mobile kitchen, so if you move from location to location, you can bring it with you. Don’t forget about the fact that consumers are acquainted with the dynamics of retail, so offer an online page, the possibility to order beforehand, electronic payment and digital menus. 


//Concept & Menú

The concept is the key to the success of your pop-up restaurant. It should be specific, understandable if not relatable, and should be reflected in the choices of the menú. Some concepts that are acclaimed nowadays are food safety and traceability, no-waste movement, or proximity. People love to listen to the story behind what they cook and learn in the process. 


//Other alternatives

You can also decide to launch a mobile pop-up restaurant or a container restaurant pop-up. Last but not least, you could launch an online pop-up to show customers what happens behind the scenes, and share precious recipes- we already had a unique online pop-up with African food as the main subject, hosted by renowned chef William Chilila. Check out the event here.

Online Pop-Up by Chef William Chilila.


We can support you in any of these options, from the physical pop-up restaurant in a classic location to a digital event, to more eclectic locations, to mobile solutions such as trucks or containers. We have it all!



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