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August 2020

Some weeks ago, we had the pleasure to host an Online Pop-Up with Chef William Chilila. William, originally from Zambia, has SouthAfrikan and Ghanaian roots. In 2018 he was one of the finalists of Masterchef UK: The Professionals. I interviewed him to learn more about what he does, the online pop-up and future projects. Giulia: Tell us about yourself and how did you become a chef. William: I love fruits and spices, and back in Zambia where I grew up, I lived in a farm- surrounded by fruits, vegetables and livestock. I always helped in agriculture, growing crops and harvesting them. It was a

Food and beverage are one of the sectors that walloped during the quarantine, and the challenges are ongoing. In this context, restaurants, just like every other sector, are facing a transformation, and it is crucial to adapt to it.  A possibility to overcome these difficult times is to opt for a more flexible solution, just like vegan chef Gaz Oakley is planning to do with his worldwide tour of pop-up restaurants.     We want to share with you how to launch a pop-up restaurant to entice your customers.                //Benefits The benefits of launching a pop-up restaurant are several; and if your business is a ghost

How can we reinvent retail? Reinventing our new reality is a collective effort; we cannot expect brands alone to carry out this task. Customers, creatives, designers, together are rethinking the basis of retail, also when launching a pop-up.   Many brands open a pop-up as a way to showcase their product or service to a broader audience. In this uncertain period, could be the perfect way to attract new investors, test a new concept, or drive a specific purpose such as fundraising. Some pop-ups, in this particular period, for example, seek to offer high-quality products at more affordable prices as a way

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