Rethinking the basis of retail when launching a pop-up store

How can we reinvent retail? Reinventing our new reality is a collective effort; we cannot expect brands alone to carry out this task. Customers, creatives, designers, together are rethinking the basis of retail, also when launching a pop-up.


Many brands open a pop-up as a way to showcase their product or service to a broader audience. In this uncertain period, could be the perfect way to attract new investors, test a new concept, or drive a specific purpose such as fundraising. Some pop-ups, in this particular period, for example, seek to offer high-quality products at more affordable prices as a way to process unsold items.

Few points we think are fundamental when rethinking about launching a pop-up in these challenging times. 

//The Innovators’ Paradise 

Due to the limited time and product selection, pop-ups are the perfect place to attract innovators. These innovators are essential for the diffusion of an idea, product or trend- as they enjoy trying new, sometimes unusual, things. Innovators are the first to jump onto a new concept, and the rest of the customers will follow read here what Zara did some years ago. A pop-up advertised by word of mouth or by invite-only will cater to people who appreciate an exceptional experience, and it will help the idea to succeed. So be sure that in your concept and communication plan you keep in mind this key customer. 


//The Anytime Anywhere  

The beauty of pop-ups is that they can happen almost anywhere- they are like a pandora box! As long as the space is safe to host a group of people, and in these post-virus times to follow the social distancing rules, any place can be a pop-up. Pop-ups have been launched in fields, empty warehouses, rooftop gardens, or in an old barn, boats or buses! You name the place, and probably it has been done! The secret to being successful is not only the place but its combination with the concept. To be relevant, you have to match it to your target and understand the needs of the area or neighbourhood where you want to be. The latter means that if you have a concept but plan to launch it across several cities, some characteristics of the idea will be adjusted to target local audiences and cater to local needs.


//Social Media and Pop-Ups Are a match

Social media is the primary tool of advertising-even more in today’s market, where we have been replacing real-life experiences with digital due to the lockdown and the restrictions. So, to succeed today, you have to merge the digital tools with the physical concept. Customers expect to navigate through a seamless omnichannel experience, integrating alternative ways of purchasing and being exposed to the product, such as our digital pop-ups.


//Pop-Ups Are Fun 

Pop-ups are fun and don’t forget that if customers need something now, it is some healthy escapism.

Consumers and society at large are going through a significant change and a stressful year. Customers want to be able to dream, to think about alternative futures and dream. Pop-ups are a setting where you can give this feeling to the customers, allowing them to distract and dream, creating an emotional connection.  

Let us help you to plan ahead, and rethinking the basis of retail when launching a pop-up; it is the right moment to launch a pop-up!




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