Omnichannel experience

How to launch an omnichannel pop-up store

Pop-ups, as flexible solutions, can be used for several purposes. However, today we want to focus on how to launch pop-ups in omnichannel environments and how retailers can use these functions in their marketing campaigns or integrating their business model.

These three examples are incredibly valid in today’s challenging market due to COVID-19.



If you are a pure player, pop-ups as showrooms can help you to increase online sales. How? A physical space can help your brand to build trust thanks to the face-to-face interaction. Also, if you are still at the beginning and your brand is not so well known, the physical pop-up can be a place where customers go to check the quality of the material and the tailoring.

Today: during these challenging times, we see several brands launching these types of pop-ups- providing a simple solution for customers to try the product and order online. This process can be facilitated in-store, offering Q-code technology and secure payment, with the option of home delivery.


//Testing new store formats and procedures

Through omnichannel experiences, you can test new formats, collecting data to create new retail spaces. Pop-ups are a way to experiment with format ideas, such as integrating a new line, or customer policies- for instance, a new return procedure.

Today: retailers are trying to understand how they need to adapt to the new social distancing rules, but also they are learning on the go what the unique behaviour of consumers is. Launching a pop-up today can help you to gather all the data to evaluate new formats that you can implement in your stores or in new stores you are planning to launch.


//Launching new products

If you are about to launch a new project and want to give it the full attention and as well gather feedback about it, a pop-up is the perfect setting. During the pop-up, you can show to a group of customers your product and ask for feedback. The latter is possible using customers’ mobile phones, involving them in the creation process, and offering a different solution.

Today: in current times, one of the central topics in retail is how to create a new experience from consumers and the redefinition of experiential. Involving customers in the feedback process of new products and gathering data to launch the best product possible, can be a unique experience to offer to consumers and entice them to revisit you.


//New touchpoint  

Since the pandemic starting consumer behavior has changed, and today more people use their mobile phone to visit their brand and to buy. Moreover, with the restrictions imposed by the social distancing rules, brands had to agree to new procedures in stores. The mobile phone has turned out to be a perfect supporting tool to manage new operations within the store: queuing systems, Q-code with instructions, ordering in stores, contactless payment- the mobile phone is becoming a new touchpoint by itself, that will be part of a bigger strategy and crucial when supporting how to launch pop-ups in omnichannel environments.



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