Increase you bookings from now on

Discover Space Promotion and increase your bookings from now on.

The options that appear on a website when we search for a product or service are endless. That’s why landlords consider that having proper web positioning is becoming more and more crucial. Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry, and online users don’t spend their time looking at the products that appear last on a website.

That’s why Space Promotion is now available on GoPopUp and GoLogic. It will allow your properties to appear at the top of the catalogue and increase your bookings. In addition, our sales department will actively promote them in the personalised requests from clients. Your spaces will also be highlighted with different colours and will attract all the attention of web visitors.

By using Space Promotion you will stand out from your competitors. Other platforms charge for using this service, but with us it’s free! Space Promotion gives you the opportunity to make temporary promotions by applying a discount to your space that will make it very attractive to customers. It is ideal for promoting your properties in special campaigns such as summer or Christmas!

Access Space Promotion from Go—PopUp through this link, or from Go—Logic by clicking here. If you need more info, just contact our Quality Manager at

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