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During the last Holiday Season,  R.C.D. Espanyol launched a pop-up store in one of the most exclusive locations of Barcelona. Go–PopUp powered it!

We were delighted to work with R.C.D. Espanyol.  It represented a challenge as they wanted a high-end location while keeping a connection with the territory and their story. Susana Almonacid is Leasing and Strategic Partnership at Go– PopUp, and she was the leader of this project:

The aspects to take into consideration were several; practical challenges, such as logistics and transportation of the container. Other aspects were: visibility of the location and coherence of the brand with the surroundings of the pop-up.

//The aim

Why a pop-up?  R.C.D. Espanyol’s purpose, like most brands, was to give customers, in this case, their fans, the possibility to get in contact with them in a different location. Creating out or ordinary touchpoints increase the relationship between consumers and brands. The container, located usually in the premises of the stadium, indeed, served during the pop-up period also as a small museum with a history and some cups fo the team. All these characteristics create a deeper engagement, strengthening the brand.

// The location

Once the aim of the pop-up was clear, our responsibility was to match, purpose and concept to the location. We carried out some historical research and realized that R.C.D. Espanyol is a club originally founded in the well-off district of Sarría. So, the connection was automatic; the best pop-up location was this neighbourhood!

As the idea was to give fans the possibility to buy merchandising or tickets while carrying on with their everyday life, Susanna Almonacid contacted the L’illa Diagonal, one of the most exclusive malls in Barcelona. A perfect location during the Holiday season, as this pop-up was a touchpoint within the premises of high traffic location.

//The operation

Another challenge was how to move the container from the usual location to L’illa. Moving a heavy box, such as the container, is no easy. Specifically, Espanyol’s container has a glass part that can expand and become bigger. Thus the operation was even more delicate. How do we operate in these situations? We collaborate with our supplier, a leading company, when it comes to these types of solutions. R.C.D. Espanyol launched a pop-up store, and such special agreements allow us to deliver successful projects.

Are you interested in launching a pop-up using an interesting solution such as the one chosen by Espanyol? You can get in contact with us, and we can help you, from designing the perfect container for you to finding the best location for the aim of your pop-up event.

Curious about the whole process? Look here!

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