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October 2019

According to, Instagram has 1 billion users accessing the platform every month; 50 % of those are scrolling through their feed every single day. That is a big audience! Visual is everything on Instagram, so how significant is visual excess in a pop-up event. Taking advantage of the dominant visual culture, we are embedded in, many brands have been able to prove that the "Instagram Economy" is still working.  One example we want to bring to the spotlight is the case of the Museum of Ice Cream (MIC). Why is this example so emblematic? Probably because it is the first pop-up

We can consider cities special living creatures, they have strong identities that characterise one from another, they have energy, and they change through time. Neighbourhoods are profoundly affected by these changes, and urban planning is a crucial element if the institution and local governments want to guarantee sustainable growth. The main objective is to ease the most burning conflicts that affect cities nowadays: pollution, sustainability, housing to mention some. Every week 1.5 million people move from urban areas to a metropolis, worldwide, according to UN estimations, with a higher tendency in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The projection is

The concept of wellness has changed over time. It is no longer connected to the mere idea of being healthy but includes other core areas of our life: mental, emotional, social, environmental and physical wellbeing. Indeed, for the World Health Organization, wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  According to the Global Wellness Institute, the overall wellness economy is estimated to value around $4.2 trillion in 2017. It represents 5.3% of global economic outcome, showing how large and powerful this industry is. The overall industry comprised several sectors

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is every time more embedded in our lives. Through the use of computer science programming  and by analysing data and surroundings, it is possible to solve or anticipate problems and learning or self-teaching it to adapt to a variety of tasks. Retail is a sector benefiting, as well, from AI by providing customers with instant support inside the store by using robot or touch panels. These techniques can help to increase efficiency, by faster helping the customers but also by providing to the company direct feedback about consumers' preferences. The results are several: from reducing customers waiting

How can a company survive decades and be a market leader? We have been collaborating with a brand that is an example of thriving through time and challenges: LAMY. LAMY, a producer of writing instruments based in Germany, was founded by C. Josef Lamy, in 1930. After working as an export and branch manager for an American writing instrument manufacturer, he decided it was time to set up his own by purchasing the Orthos pen manufacturer. Since then, LAMY has been a leading company in the production of writing instruments in Germany, in Europe and across the world.  LAMY succeeded to

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