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September 2015

»After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.«, said Oscar Wilde once. So, take your mum and dad, brothers and sisters and enjoy your first pop-up dinner experience! We recommend the long waited second edition of Gabriele.Inc Pop-Up Dinner at MBzwo on October 3rd and 4th, where you can taste the vegetarian menu at Berlin's finest wooden tables. Here is a little preview (photo credits: Johann Ehlhardt) Starter Pumpkin + Mustard + Nectarine + Comté Main Marinated Eggs + Potato + Savoy Cabbage + Mushrooms + Peas + Buckwheat Dessert Rose + Blackberry + Palm Seeds + Lime ©Me Chutnai Restaurant Festival The first Edition of her Pop-Up

Hej Stockholm, you beautiful city in the heart of Scandinavia. Popular for your kanelbullar and köttbullar, your lovely royal family and stylish blondes all over the city. Okay, »cold« might be your first association with Stockholm, but you’re wrong. Well,  not entirely. The city can be cold (it’s Sweden, after all). But also it's just so very cool. There’s an incredible mix of art, culture & design, world-class shopping & style, plus beautiful outdoors and adventure activities all easily accessed on the outskirts of the city. And the typical Swedish culture makes this place so lovely. This week Stockholm has something very

The best thing about the end of Summer? Autumn and its wonderful shopping opportunities! Berlin local fashion, beauty products and new shopping concepts are waiting for you! Here are 5 of the best pop-ups to go to in Berlin and Hamburg.. In Berlin 1. Berliner Post-Up Store When & where : Until december 31th - Poststr. 7 10178 Berlin If you still haven’t discovered this pop-up store in Berlin Mitte, now is the time to do so! Nine berlin local fashion designers present their creations in the Poststraße, in the district Nikolaiviertel. Go visit the 52 sqm space full of clothes, accessories, for men, women and children. Who

»Opening up the box at Bikini Berlin is always exciting. It feels like my own little shop. For a young designer like me, it’s a very special feeling.«, says Inga Lieckfeldt the designer of Berlina Pflanze. We met her for a short interview about her days at Bikini Berlin. This is her little portrait. Morning routine Every morning starts with unlocking the box, turning on the lights and preparing the shop. Then it's time to change the date of the tape installation on the floor. A small reminder for people passing by how long the pop-up shop will be open. Do you

If you are into hand-crafted, unique pieces of...well anything, you could spend hours browsing on Etsy. While there is no doubt that online shopping is the greatest invention since ice cream, most of us will also agree that touching the products and talking to the makers is shopping on another level. Well guess what? Etsy agrees and therefore decided to open multiple pop-up stores all over Germany, bringing the top-of-the-crop products and sellers for you to touch.

Die Welt durch Pop-Ups entdecken. Ein Kurztrip am Wochenende ist schnell geplant, einfach gebucht und inspiriert noch Wochen danach. Egal, ob wir eine neue Stadt besuchen oder die alte Liebe zu einer Metropole aufleben lassen, wir suchen das Besondere, das Einzigartige, die unverwechselbare Erfahrung. Pop-Up Hotels, Restaurants und Läden ermöglichen eine Vielzahl eben solcher Momente zu erleben. Ihre Vergänglichkeit lässt neue Atmosphären in der Stadt entstehen, die nur wenige Reisenden in dem kurzen Zeitraum entdecken können. Go—PopUp hat junge Unternehmer in ganz Europa dazu inspiriert ein Pop-Up zu eröffnen. Nun begeben wir uns auf Pop-Up Städtetour und nehmen euch mit.

Did you know that commercial liability insurance is automatically included in every space booking completed through our website? Well, not a very entertaining news but it supports your idea! Additionally you have the opportunity to book an extra insurance package. What it offers, what you benefit from and some more little details will be answered through the following FAQs: Which safeguards can Go—PopUp provide for my pop-up? // Welche Absicherungsmöglichkeiten bietet mir Go—PopUp? The pop-up commercial liability insurance is automatically included in every space booking completed through our website. That’s part of our concept. Beyond that, we offer our Go—PopUp customers an insurance package for

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