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Paris is one of the major European cities. It has a total of 2.1 million inhabitants (Jan. 2019) and an average of 40 million tourists per year. That is a significant potential group of customers, perfect to launch a pop-up! Each neighbourhood has a broad array of things to offer, so it might be challenging to choose, which is the best one for your next pop-up.  However, each of them has some peculiarity and can suit better your pop-up concept for style and public.   " Paris is always a good idea."                      

We are approaching the end of a decade, and everything from the '90s is becoming vintage. Earlier Millennials are looking the '90s with a sense of nostalgia. At the same time, GenZ is discovering the cult series from that same period. What is making these pop-ups so incredible? Fans will have the possibility to play their favourite characters, and of course, take some memorable pictures.  //3 Example of comedy pop-ups Seinfeld: the first comedy pop-up to offer an immersive experience. A live sit-com based on a fictionalized life of stand-up comedian Jarry Seinfeld. The pop-up launched to celebrate 30 years from the program's premiere: displaying

According to, Instagram has 1 billion users accessing the platform every month; 50 % of those are scrolling through their feed every single day. That is a big audience! Visual is everything on Instagram, so how significant is visual excess in a pop-up event. Taking advantage of the dominant visual culture, we are embedded in, many brands have been able to prove that the "Instagram Economy" is still working.  One example we want to bring to the spotlight is the case of the Museum of Ice Cream (MIC). Why is this example so emblematic? Probably because it is the first pop-up

We can consider cities special living creatures, they have strong identities that characterise one from another, they have energy, and they change through time. Neighbourhoods are profoundly affected by these changes, and urban planning is a crucial element if the institution and local governments want to guarantee sustainable growth. The main objective is to ease the most burning conflicts that affect cities nowadays: pollution, sustainability, housing to mention some. Every week 1.5 million people move from urban areas to a metropolis, worldwide, according to UN estimations, with a higher tendency in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The projection is

The concept of wellness has changed over time. It is no longer connected to the mere idea of being healthy but includes other core areas of our life: mental, emotional, social, environmental and physical wellbeing. Indeed, for the World Health Organization, wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  According to the Global Wellness Institute, the overall wellness economy is estimated to value around $4.2 trillion in 2017. It represents 5.3% of global economic outcome, showing how large and powerful this industry is. The overall industry comprised several sectors

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is every time more embedded in our lives. Through the use of computer science programming  and by analysing data and surroundings, it is possible to solve or anticipate problems and learning or self-teaching it to adapt to a variety of tasks. Retail is a sector benefiting, as well, from AI by providing customers with instant support inside the store by using robot or touch panels. These techniques can help to increase efficiency, by faster helping the customers but also by providing to the company direct feedback about consumers' preferences. The results are several: from reducing customers waiting

Millennials, born between 1980 and 1996, have been at the centre of the attention for the last decade. To the point that fashion even gave to this generation a colour: the famous Millennial Pink.  It is a sort of a grapefruit shade and apricotty salmon;  you might like it or not, but for a while, it was everywhere! We have learnt everything about this exciting and multitasking generation. A generation that through the decades has learnt to adapt to many changes. During the ’90s, they lived on their young skin, the shift from an analogue to a digital society. To

A Mega-trend is a global, sustained and macro economic forces that impact several aspects of the society at the same time: business, economy, the behaviour of the society, cultures and the way individuals live. Mega-trends develop over a longer period and step by step, define our future and the future of our world, having a big impact on the pace of change itself.    If you think about your daily life you will immediately identify several aspects impacted by technological developments that have changed over the years. In the era wherefrom our phones we can virtually carry out every aspect of what

The internet has been a turning point for the way we understand time, distances and communication, democratizing the way information is shared.  Two major disruptions have changed the way we understand retail: the inception of  tech giants and new consumers’ empowerment.  Let’s take a look at the scenario of the tech giants: Apple has changed the way we communicate, they had a vision: putting into our hands the world. They achieved it by creating the idea of a smartphone and ratifying the end of the Blackberry era. They never intended to compete against the Blackberry (the most famous phone and a status symbol

With more and more companies using data to extract vital information about the behaviour of consumers to transform them into products, services or the right banner to show up during an internet browsing, is not news that owning our data is on its way to becoming a human right. Why? Because data should be interpreted as property and people compensated accordingly, one might say. In the future, some predict that only who will be able to pay not to have their data stored and used will benefit some degree of privacy and control. As any technology does, also the internet has advanced

While Virtual Reality or VR did not make it to our daily reality, Augmented Reality or AR, however, thanks to our mobile phones and an App., is a technology that is being largely used in retail and consumers will increasingly expect to have this option when getting in contact with a brand. What is exactly AR? Augmented reality is a technology able to expand the physical world, adding layers of digital information to the reality we see. AR to the contrary of VR does not create a whole artificial world but enhances, adds or complements the reality we touch with

Since the advent of the internet, many things in our lives have changed. Over the past decade, retailers have been battling a dual transformation. Expanding their business onto the digital world while trying to reinvent their physical spaces. These are 5 pop-up trends to follow in 2019. Some companies have started to suffer from a cannibalistic effect, as their consumers bought more online than in their physical stores. However, the death of the brick-and-mortar has never really arrived. //Trailblazers showing us the way: from Experiential Marketing to Customers’ Emotions  Visionary and forerunner retailers have been able to read the signals. Understanding what customers

Short-term retail formats, designed to engage customers directly for the purposes of generating brand awareness, selling seasonal goods, testing new products and markets or responding to local needs are not recent as we might think, they have a history that dates back many centuries to the earliest known travelling merchants. The very earliest concept of retail trade involved caravans or travelling solutions that would “pop-up” in different locations, bringing products that otherwise wouldn’t have been available to customers, such as exotic products: spices, carpets, fashion and much more. These travelling merchants would visit different locations on a seasonal or periodic basis,

Nowadays consumers have very busy and nomads lives, free time is wisely divided among important things: family, friends, wellbeing or interests such as education and entertainment. Brands need to find new ways to seize customers’ attention; ‘shock and awe’ is a new strategy to capture consumers’ time offering one of a kind and unexpected experiences.  Let’s take the example from British designer Lee Broom that during the Fuori Salone at Il Salone del Mobile of Milan in 2016, created a pop-up truck that hosted a dramatic mobile installation, functioning as mobile show-room, the van arrived via land from the designer HQ

Some context on how Black Friday has become a frenzied day for shopping also in Europe and why the Holiday season is an important period to plan a pop-up store.  Right now, temperatures outside are breaking records, in Europe, only last week there was a heatwave, so it is very difficult thinking about Christmas when the only thing we have in mind is our upcoming summer vacation.   However, we have roughly 4 months to go to the “Most wonderful time of the year” and if you work in retail you know the Holiday Season is for most brands and sectors one of

Keys of Experiential Marketing, unexpected scenarios for a Pop-Up Event: A wheat field.   Usually, when thinking about a pop-up store, restaurant or event, the tendency is to associate it with a physical location such as a store, a warehouse or a container; but what if nature were to be the setting to hold an unforgettable pop-up experience? This is exactly what Fast Forward Event, the creative agency behind the project, must have thought when organizing this event. For the brand Come a casa, specialized in Italian products such as pasta, the creative team had the idea to use a field of wheat

At Go—PopUp we are constantly bringing new international spaces to our platform to give our customers endless opportunities when choosing the right spot for their upcoming pop-up event. Here, our team has gathered just a few of our favourites!     The crystal cube in the very-frequented Diagonal Shopping Center in Barcelona This pop-up cube is can be found in one of Barcelona’s most visited malls. Its a unique innovative format complements perfectly with a variety of pop-up store ideas that can take place inside. Read more about it here.       A showroom  store near Bastille in Paris The pop-up spot is located in a street connecting

Our experts have set up the top tricks to make your pop-up event hard to pass by. Learn what’s essential to make your pop-up store recognizable in front of the perfect audience.   Choose a bold concept The topic of your pop-up store is the place where everything else will come out from. Once you defined it, the rest of the steps that are taken afterward will rely on it almost completely. Let this be a concept that is innovative, exciting and that allows for customer engagement, where everyone leaves it with an urge to keep track of what your brand is

Take a look into 8 creative pop-up store ideas: the best temporary concepts of all time. 8. Adidas’ EQT Gaming Room Located in Barcelona, the two-day-pop-up store featured the brand’s top designs and game machines for visitors to enjoy. Clients saw the latest on Adidas’ innovation and took part in the fun and exclusive features only found in this shop. 7. Ikea’s Pop-Up Stores for its 20th anniversary in Spain For a week, Ikea hold a satisfying experience with a two-floors pop-up store in Madrid and Barcelona! Exclusive products paid tribute to the Swedish tradition and carried a sort of nostalgia feeling. The event also

From innovative services to partnership formats, our team has set the qualities that are stepping up the game this year.   Retail spaces become media spaces and they are data-driven Stores are not only a point-of-sale but also points of experience becoming marketing campaigns of their own. This aspect makes them both functional and emotional points, with a gap no longer existent between the online and offline experience. Since they are a rather holistic centre of the brand’s identity, they are too data-driven. This means that they a resourceful case study for the brand where the information collected can determine things such as product

Amazon is reportedly closing all of it’s 87 pop-up stores across the US. The retail giant currently operates various temporary stores, for instance at Whole Foods stores, Kohls stores and shopping malls. In those stores, customers can try Amazon products such as Fire Tablets, Kindle E-Readers, Echo Smart Speakers and Amazon services like Prime Video, Audible and Kindle Unlimited.   Testing New Markets with Pop-Up Stores Pop-up stores are the forefront when it comes to testing new markets, products or retail concepts with a low financial risk for brands and retailers of all shapes and sizes. The gained learnings and experiences within pop-up

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