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Author: Giulia Moschen

While consumers remain confined to their homes, they are willing to engage with brands more than ever using alternative digital solutions. The latest way to connect to customers, using digital channels, is a necessity in current times. However, pretty soon, it will become an integrated part of the retail omnichannel approach to consumers.  Online Pop-Up Store: our latest product, it is the answers to connect to your customers and community through a simple click.   //What is an Online Pop-Up Store? Via our platform, through a few steps, any brand can create an online pop-up. It is a space where a brand representative

Despite the turmoil we are going through, pop-up shows that they can adapt to these difficult times. We continuously monitor how companies, retailers, organisations and even institutions are using pop-ups as flexible solutions. There are some alternative and mobile pop-ups, inspirations in COVID times. Now, more than ever, we need secure solutions to reach out to our customers. As most of the world is still in quarantine, in some countries, the restrictions start to loosen up. And, it is still unclear how stores will be fully operational while guaranteeing the WHO's guidelines.   //Inspo from the past Most of the time, when talking about

As weeks go by, we are starting to settle into our new routine. How to live online: rethinking a new tomorrow. Remote team meetings, working with a different type of distraction, namely the children or the pets, using the internet to connect with the world and dressing up more comfortably - at least waist down.  Day by day, this new routine is becoming a habit. New habits will shape how we will behave in a post-virus society. As a result, this will form what we do as consumers.  Trends shape over some time, so we track changes, to understand where turmoils are

Amid the rapid current changes, cultural tensions are replacing almost all the predictions done at the end of 2019. Every day, new and inspirational pop-up events are showing, more than ever, how much we need flexible solutions to survive this turmoil. Some of these cultural tensions will last even after the peak of crises will be over, some will become the new normal, only time will tell.   //Rapid changes and pop-ups as solutions  Lockdown vs globalisation: the lockdown has exposed if we had any doubt, how interconnected we are. We depend on each other's economic functioning and social mobility. Therefore, local governments

Over the last month, we have experienced a sudden change in our routine. Confinement and social distancing have caused the disruption of social life, and events, such as pop-ups, have been canceled and postponed. We now have time to think about what to do in the future, so we are launching a “Canvas Consulting Service”, our latest product. The crisis brought by COVID-19 is coming as a great reset of how we carry out our society and our ways of living, so we decided to launch a service that will support you to be prepared for the future.  Some time ago, we

Our Go—PopUp team is working from home. We believe that despite the confinement, it's time to stay together, now more than ever! These are challenging times, but we believe that every crisis corresponds to an opportunity. We are seeing many exciting examples of how quarantine is strengthening communities. In Italy, we have seen people singing together and keeping each other company from their balconies. In Seville (Spain), we have seen a young coach sporting with kids, each one from the balconies of their homes. Many neighbours have created Whatsapp chats to help each other with regular chores, such as buying food

CultureHouse, a non-profit organization of Boston (USA), connected the dots and launched a series of public spaces as pop-up events using vacant stores.   Cities are organic and change constantly. It is quite natural, societies change and cities are just a reflection of what are the new needs and desires of those societies. Public spaces have always been a crucial reality of any society. Politics, in ancient Greece, was born in the very core of the function of the public space. Nowadays, however, public spaces such as squares and parks can be challenging when it comes to using this space for the

During the last Holiday Season,  R.C.D. Espanyol launched a pop-up store in one of the most exclusive locations of Barcelona. Go–PopUp powered it! We were delighted to work with R.C.D. Espanyol.  It represented a challenge as they wanted a high-end location while keeping a connection with the territory and their story. Susana Almonacid is Leasing and Strategic Partnership at Go– PopUp, and she was the leader of this project: "The aspects to take into consideration were several; practical challenges, such as logistics and transportation of the container. Other aspects were: visibility of the location and coherence of the brand with the surroundings of

Officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, St. Valentine is known to be a real person who died around A.D. 270. Every year, Valentine is celebrated around the world, so it is not surprising to see pop-ups dedicated to this event. We found 5 pop-ups not to miss for S. Valentine's day. //1.Diamonds and Flowers According to Marilyn Monroe "Diamonds are girls' best friends", while flowers are an international way to express love. So the combination of the two seems perfect to celebrate Valentine's day! Tiffany & Co. is partnering with Flowerbx, a London based flower delivery service for an Instagram worthy

Flamingueo's first pop-up in Barcelona: located in the heart of Gracia, one of the coolest neighborhoods of the city. The pop-up opened for 3 days during the weekend from the 31st of January to the 2nd of February. Flamingueo is a digital native store. Emilio Peña (CEO), Pablo Niñoles (CTO) y Jacinto Fleta (CMO) launched it in 2016. They wanted to merge two hips concepts of our digital times. The flamingo, so trendy over the last years thanks to Taylor Swift, and "postear" which means "to post", referring to the constant need to post pictures on Instagram most digital native people have. They started

Kapten & Son pop-up in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) ended its experience on Wednesday the 15th of January, after 2 months. This is our last Success Story. We sat down with the Kapten & Son team to learn about this experience, as this was their first international pop-up store. The brand’s goal was to raise both local and international brand awareness. Moreover, Kapten & Son's desire was to offer an additional touchpoint to the customer, who can discover the brand's entire world in one location and learn more about all products.  The decision of opening a pop-up shows the twofold purpose. Following the

What can we expect to see along with this 2020 and in the next decade? These are three trends here to stay. Trends don’t happen from one day to the other; on the contrary, they are the sum of the connections of little dots that occur across industries due to political, social, economic, technological, and cultural changes that affect our society.  The latter process happens in all sectors, and retail is not isolated. Through our pop-up events, I have the privilege to observe these trends in the making and how different brands and retails interpret those same trends.  How is a trend

"We know that time passes constantly and that there is no one day when everything suddenly changes, but humans need milestones to recapitulate and make plans. We are at that moment. The truth is that we have been preparing throughout 2019 for major changes in 2020, including new products and services, and continue to grow geographically. Among these challenges, there is a special focus on what we can offer to the owners and managers of the spaces and very soon we will announce a new specific line of business for this. We want to help owners more and more profitably improve

While it is evident that pop-ups are on the rise when it comes to the retail sector, they are entering new territories. If there is one trend, I think we will bring along to next year, and it is going to grow along 2020: it is using pop-ups as a recruiting strategy. I already mentioned this scenario when talking about the trends to watch during 2019, and to confirm this, just a couple of weeks ago, we successfully powered, together with The Gardeners a creative agency, a recruitment pop-up for Arkin. A mental health organization expert in psychiatry and addiction care operating

Instagram is a perfect tool to build your brand, and a pop-up store the physical scenario to meet the community built on the digital platform. This is how ten stores went from Instagram to a pop-up store. IG has 1 billion active users and around 500 million using it every day. The average IG user, probably a Gen-Z, spends an average of 53 minutes per day swiping through photos and Stories. It is only 5 minutes less than on Facebook. So, there is no doubt that as a brand, it is worth building up a community on Instagram.   IG POP-UP Last week, Instagram opened a

With creativity and imagination, even a circular economy pop-up can become a reality! Last summer Trashlab Miniwiz launched in Porto Cervo (Sardinia, Italy) a pop-up where the money was plastic. Trashlab-Miniwiz is a company that recycles and upcycles materials for all sorts of solutions. From architecture to consumer goods and furniture, with them, rubbish finds a second opportunity and a new life. This circular economy pop-up had a Trashespresso machine and a smart rubbish bin called Robin. Robin recognised and sorted out waste customers brought in, turning it into points. Through an app. customers used points to purchase the products sold in store.   What

Paris is one of the major European cities. It has a total of 2.1 million inhabitants (Jan. 2019) and an average of 40 million tourists per year. That is a significant potential group of customers, perfect to launch a pop-up! Each neighbourhood has a broad array of things to offer, so it might be challenging to choose, which is the best one for your next pop-up.  However, each of them has some peculiarity and can suit better your pop-up concept for style and public.   " Paris is always a good idea."                      

We are approaching the end of a decade, and everything from the '90s is becoming vintage. Earlier Millennials are looking the '90s with a sense of nostalgia. At the same time, GenZ is discovering the cult series from that same period. What is making these pop-ups so incredible? Fans will have the possibility to play their favourite characters, and of course, take some memorable pictures.  //3 Example of comedy pop-ups Seinfeld: the first comedy pop-up to offer an immersive experience. A live sit-com based on a fictionalized life of stand-up comedian Jarry Seinfeld. The pop-up launched to celebrate 30 years from the program's premiere: displaying

According to, Instagram has 1 billion users accessing the platform every month; 50 % of those are scrolling through their feed every single day. That is a big audience! Visual is everything on Instagram, so how significant is visual excess in a pop-up event. Taking advantage of the dominant visual culture, we are embedded in, many brands have been able to prove that the "Instagram Economy" is still working.  One example we want to bring to the spotlight is the case of the Museum of Ice Cream (MIC). Why is this example so emblematic? Probably because it is the first pop-up

We can consider cities special living creatures, they have strong identities that characterise one from another, they have energy, and they change through time. Neighbourhoods are profoundly affected by these changes, and urban planning is a crucial element if the institution and local governments want to guarantee sustainable growth. The main objective is to ease the most burning conflicts that affect cities nowadays: pollution, sustainability, housing to mention some. Every week 1.5 million people move from urban areas to a metropolis, worldwide, according to UN estimations, with a higher tendency in developing countries in Asia and Africa. The projection is

The concept of wellness has changed over time. It is no longer connected to the mere idea of being healthy but includes other core areas of our life: mental, emotional, social, environmental and physical wellbeing. Indeed, for the World Health Organization, wellness is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  According to the Global Wellness Institute, the overall wellness economy is estimated to value around $4.2 trillion in 2017. It represents 5.3% of global economic outcome, showing how large and powerful this industry is. The overall industry comprised several sectors

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